Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Brand Nazi: Your Secret to Building a Better Web Site

Is your web site suffering from a bad case of the 90s look? Outdated information? A look that never did work? Confusing navigation? Or content that doesn’t speak to what readers care about?

You might find instructive this “best/worst” list of university web sites—admittedly one person’s opinion but insightful, nonetheless. You surely could give us some of your own good and bad examples (and please do!).

In reading his post, it reminded me that even an organization with exceptional talent will be led astray with web strategies if too many people get involved. A well-conceived, well-executed Web site requires the presence of a Brand Nazi who is vigilant about monitoring the brand message on the Web site, who has the authority to say no, who has the vision for a coherent message and who has the focus and resources to execute the vision.

Web sites inherently are organic. Even a great one eventually declines for lack of overall attention. Let’s face it: Many organizations don’t give the maintenance of their Web site the same attention they do for its launch.
Of course all of this requires us to make our own confession. When we moved to a blog format, our own Web site languished. This year, however, we have declared the Year of the New CMBell Web Site. So stay tuned. The Brand Nazi at CMBell has spoken.

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